A Spoonful of Sugar

With the raging weather in Istanbul its a forced holiday for some of us. The rest is unfortunately dealing with the monsterous traffic that I have a habit to avoid if and when possible.

This has given me a chance to indulge in some good reading which I dont get a chance to do very often. `A Spoonful of Sugar: Old fashioned wisdom for modern day mothers` by Liz Fraser has become a favourite read.
The book is based on conversations with Liz`s grandmother who is living in Scotland. I found alot of issues and tips I could relate to and it was wonderful to remember them again.

Some of `Granny`s Pearl of Wisdoms` include:
- When you cook food at home, you know whats in it because you do it yourself. Flour, salt, sugar eggs- and thats it! no hidden extras.
-If you buy local and buy freshyou`ll cut down on most of the junk in your diet immediately and not have to worry about how much you eat- you`ll be healthier and happier.
-Children need fresh air every day and all you have to do is get them out. Once they are there they`ll find something to do - to keep warm if nothing else!Just open that door, and send them out for an hour.
-Your primary role as a parent is a carer, whether your children are well and ill, absent or present. A child who is unwell needs their mother or father there to take care of them- and no job should come in the way of that.

Yes, of course we all know these. But its a nice reality check dont you think?
Any motherhood tips from your grandparents that you`d like to share?

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