Canan Tolon and Elvan Alpay

Turkish comtemporary art is growing exponentially. I have become particularly fond of the works of two artists namely Canan Tolon and Elvan Alpay thanks to my cousin Selen who's been working with them at GaleriNev. Their work is amazing and in my opinion they are sight for sore eyes both graphically and  emotionally.
Canan Tolon's inspiration is the industrial and architectural backdrop of San Francisco streets and buildings. Where as Elvan Alpay's work is spurt of flower power from the canvas.

Canan Tolon exhibition is due to start on 17th September at GaleriNev, Istanbul.
Here's a couple of their pieces.
Elvan Alpay, Galerinev

Elvan Alpay, GaleriNev

Canan Tolon, GaleriNev

Canan Tolon, GaleriNev