Vienna with kids (toddlers!)

So very typical of me to write a blog entry with a 3 month delay. I wanted to run this one by you before the spring arrives...
Yeap Vienna.
Rated the Worlds Best Place to Live since 2009. (http://www.cnbc.com/id/100268473/page/12) I must say I'm not surprised.

We visited Vienna in October 2012. It was absolutely delighful and sooooo child friendly. After Istanbul it did miracles for us.The transport, all the facilities but mostly the greatest discovery of the Zoom Children's Museum....Can loved it!

What can be done  with a child I hear you asking already ? Well here are some suggestions...
1.  Schonbrunn Tiergarten. The Zoo!!!

We had a huge day of fun -even though the weather was freezing:) Really its a must go with the kids and well worth the trip where you pass some great gardens. 

2.Spaniche Hofreitschule (Spanish Horseriding). This is a classic sightseeing but children have a whole load of fun watching too.
3. Wiener Riesengrad :  64.75-metre tall Ferris wheel at the entrance of the Prater amusement park in Leopoldstadt.

4. Zoom Children's Museum : www.kindermuseum.at . The children's museum has 3-4 sessions for different age groups. For 2-3 hour slots and you should reserve beforehand. Can attended the Ocean slot and it was very hard to get him to leave. Oh but afterwards he slept so well...
5. Haus des Meeres http://www.haus-des-meeres.at/: For the acqua and terra option- smaller version of a zoor more focused on aquatic life.
6.Schmetterlinghaus - The Imperial Butterfly House. http://www.schmetterlinghaus.at
Perfect for a mini break of butterflies within the city. Here's a  smile from Can that day:

1. Albertina www.albertina.at
A very nice art museum located just across the street from Cafe Mozart, Bradgelina drop by when they are visiting Wien. Again I was there for the impressionists collection.(For more information on the permanent collection :
2. Schloss Belvedere Museum: Visited the muesum for its exquisite collection of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Also for its gardens and labirinths that are great for playing around with a child.
3. Hundertwasserhaus: An expressionists' manifesto and a must see for those who like art, architecture and bold colours.Here's us merrily jumping infront of it:

Mariahilfer Strasse ...all the shops are surrounding this main street. Which starts off with the amazing Opera House (didn't visit actually but I've been told  the ceiling, the acoustic and the architecture is wonderful). In all fairness I am not much  of an opera person.

1. Salm Braeu (Pub) http://www.salmbraeu.com/
2. Da Capo (Italian) www.dacapo.co.at
3. Oberlaa (Patisserie) www.oberlaa-wien.at

4. Sacher Torte www.sacher.com