the inspiration

As autumn commences one becomes confined in the interiors, the homes and evidently our computers.
We read, sleep and write more...

My inspiration to share this journey came about after my friend Bihter forwarded an email explaning 82 yr old PR legend Betul Mardin's advice on life to younger people. One of them was to keep  up-to-date reading books, newspapers, etc daily... Another one was if you want to live after you die then  keep a diary. Its a source of information and you become a witness to your life.

This struck a bell. Working in a media company, some friends such as Eray&Yunus have been "trying" to explain to me the new forms of communication, such as blogs, for months now. I realised that over time I myself had been a loyal reader of goop.com, apartment therapy and the ten sites my cousin emailed last week. This would be my form of expression.

So...this is an honest trial of a lighter note on art, cuisine, style and travel.

Enjoy !