A Tribute: George O'Keefe and Fahr el Nissa Zeid

For my next painting my thoughts are along the lines of Fahr el Nissa Zeid meets George O'Keefe.

I'm still working on how that will be possible... and will be happy to post the results.
In the meantime, here is tribute to the inspirations.

The pictures are taken from various websites.


Project: Wedding

Last year around these dates, I spent alot of time looking over websites, blogs, magazines for  wedding ideas.

With the wedding season on the go for 2010, here are some pics that inspired me:

Also, the perfect shoe is crucial for that perfect day. For that Manolo's are timeless classics. Here is my favourite in different colour specs:


Bubbly Bodrum

It's amazing when one can forget everything with just 2 days in Bodrum. Whether it be the fresh air or the first splash in the cool waters of the Mediterranean Bodrum has an eternal effect on the body & soul.

This refreshment brought with it some inspiration for decoration. Bodrum is usually renowned for its blue waters, white lego-like blocks of buildings and pink begonvilles.

Travelling in May, the streets were empty. The only passengers on the streets were the stray dogs walking in groups. The smell of pine trees and the lemon trees made itself all the more evident. Hence, the inclusion of the greens and yellows on our traditional blue+white colour palette.


Grace Kelly Style

What does a volcano eruption and an eternal epitomy of style have in common ? The answer: me.
Last week of April I was stuck in London for about 7 days. Initially the trip was for 20 hrs in total.
One has to make the most of what they've got and frankly there are worse places to be stuck at.

Making the most of this time I found myself at the Victoria and Albert Museum ticket que, trying to get into the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition.

These days we get caught up in the whirlwind of modern day life and forget to dress properly. Grace Kelly's outlook on life, posture, dramatic flow of pastel chiffons and her life time accessories such as eye glasses and the Kelly bag makes you stop ... and think for a while.

The garments were sewn to perfection through every detail. They were designed to meet the needs of the family and monarchy life  she was leading. She did go though a change after the life in Hollywood changed and she resumed her monarchial and motherhood responsibilities.

She has left a fair impression. And eventually I found myself in bookstore looking for a biography.
Vanity fair also had an article on her life and style which can be found at: http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/features/2010/05/grace-kelly-201005?currentPage=1

Here are some examples:

She remains an icon of style and will be a source of inspiration for many artists, designers and women around the world.