Can, Yucel and I headed off to the Seychelles in August. And since we are now in December all depressed by the short days and cold weather I thought it would be perfect timing to bring out turquise waters of the ocean.
Now even though it was a short holiday with a long haul flight, travelling with a baby has its limitations. Frankly speaking it also requires alot of preparation and strategy building regarding the necessary equipment, food, diapers, disposable bibs etc etc... I read somewhere (though it is an exagaration) that travelling with a baby required more preparation that an army waging out to war.
Ours was pretty cool though. The champagne cooler made a perfect strelizer for baby bottles :)

In search of the route that William and Katherine took we headed to Victoria where via a catamaran we reached the Silhouette Island/ Labriz Resort and Spa (Hilton) with a journey that took roughly 2 hrs. The waters is pretty rocky as a side note.
Some travel notes:
  • Here is the link to the resort :http://www1.hilton.com/en_US/hi/hotel/SEZLBHI-Hilton-Seychelles-Labriz-Resort-Spa/index.do
  • The capital of Victoria is home to a very pretty restaurant called `Marie Antoinette` cooking the regional food.
  • Seychelles is great for all water related activities from shark diving, snorkelling to fishing.
  • Silhouette Island renowned as a nature park is also great for daily hikes.

Marie Antoinette Restaurant

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