The Great Outdoors

For some one who hasn`t been blogging for the past one month, 5 posts in one night is pretty good I`d say? :)
Can you tell that Can is asleep?

With spring hopefully arriving in 5-6 weeks I am already ahead of myself making plans as to what we should do to take Can to the great outdoors. Whether it be camping, a forest walk a trip to the beach or the local farms I intend to keep him out as much as possible.

And yes there is a touch guilt of the working mother in this undertone. But we all comprimise and I guess this is an ongoing dilemma that we all experience.

Now onto some options;

1. Tatuta.org has access to all the ecological farms around Turkey, that are registered with the Bugday Organization. Of these I have found Gundonumu Farm an interesting option as it is very close to Istanbul and has over 150 cows! :) That means lots of fresh milk , and I think they also deliver this to your homes daily if one prefers. More on that later when I make it there.

(picture is taken from Google search engine results)

2) Sunday walks at the Belgrad forest- a great 6km walk is ideal for family time and keeping fit:)

3) Uzunya, Garipce or the Prince Islands for some fresh sea air...

4) Sundance Camp at Antalya has been recommended by a friend (Esra) but  we have yet to check it out.

For more ideas on what to do with kids around Istanbul please visit:

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