A weekend getaway: Lavanda Boutique Hotel

Getting Can out of the city life is another topic that is on my mind these days.

And I am open to all recommendations; where do you go with your kids? What do you recommend for a great day outdoors?

Lavanda Boutique Hotel, located about an hours drive from central Istanbul en route Sile is a great escape from the city. Unfortunately, the place isnt very kid friendly( they accept babies younger than one yr old as an exception, but do not accept kids younger than 15) but its great for a couples hide out.

Since Can is younger than 1, he made it there twice ! And yikes he really enjoyed the French style cuisine of the hotel :) Especially the fish with mashed peas.

The website of the hotel is: www.lavandaotel.com

And here are some of our pics and pics from their website:

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