A fresh start?

The new year always comes with a bundle of resolutions, start of diets, exercising, destinations to be visited, career aims, hobbies, etc...

For me it will be a continuation of 2010, with 7,5 months pregnants I have some unfinished business to attend to. Its even fair to say the year will begin with March 2011 this year.

But for those of you that are in search of a guideline and steps for detox, balanced life and dieting tips here are some websites I'd like to recommend:

1) The Calm Space: http://www.calmspace.com/
Upon signing up you will receive a newsletter each day for a month for "a month of me time".

2) Whole Living: http://www.wholeliving.com/
The 28 day whole living action plan will take you through detox, stress-free lifestyle, exercising with a step a day.

I hope you will find them useful...

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