Happy New Year! And...a gift idea on the last day!

With this last post of 2010, I hope the new year will bring health, love and prosperity and all that ones heart yearns for...

One of the best new years gift ideas I heard this year belongs to Sedef Dincmen Koni. Her idea was to put 365 folded pieces of small paper in a jar (as below) to be picked each day of the year.
The jar has a sticker entitled : " Today I wish you..." and the range of messages inside are very cute and relaxing such as " serenity, a french kiss, a bubble bath, a call from a friend ... etc..." The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity for the messages and of course you can customize and personalize them as much as you like. A special thanks to Sedef for such a thoughtful idea...

Before I wish everyone a great 2011, I am very curious to find out: What is your resolutions for 2011?

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