Whitby is a small fishing town in the Yorkshire moors, England.

It is also, home to part of A.S.Byatt's novel Possession whereby the main protagonists Randolph Ash and Cristabel LaMotte meet secretly for the first time. (Also, the other characters Roland Mitchell and Maud  Bailey go there for some research in their footsteps...). The novel was later filmed in 2002 starring Aaron Eckhart and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Both the book and the film are inspirational, with intertwined flashbacks between modern day and Victorian times.

Whitby was one of the first school visits of my childhood. Hence I depict very strong picturesque snaphots of this town in my memory. One more piece of information... it is said to be the origin of Dracula....

Its heraldry: Abbess St Hilda

Whitby Abbey

Fossils : Ammonites are the most found fossils that hit the shores particularly after a storm. Whitby cliffs and beaches are great for fossil finding.

Jet Jewellery: The history of Whitby is closely associated with the jet. This black gemstone is lighter than amber, crushes similar and is flammable as well. It is a fossil wood that has been transported into the sea by rivers during the Jurassic period, about 160 million years ago.
Source: http://www.geosammlung.uni-bremen.de/grabung/yorkshire/whitby_en.php3

While you're in the region its also worthwhile to pay York city a visit, especially for its Minster + the Rose Window as well as its most famous street "The Shambles".

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  1. This is really great... Thanks,I think I will rent out Possession and watch it again with relish.