Finally ! Fall 2010

As much as I love the whole spectacle, I am no fashion expert. And this of course is not a fashion blog.

But with the September issues of fashion magazines hitting the stands I have been thrilled by what we should expect this autumn.

First: The 1950’s are back.

This season justifies all that I have tried to say and wear over the years, (partially of course love my jeans to bits) and will probably silence all my friends that have said that I dress like a grandmother. At least now I have an excuse !
I have avoided and dreaded Louis Vuitton for so many years-it may have something to with the fake Vuitton era going on in the streets of Istanbul-but this season I bow in respect. Here are some of my favourite snapshots:

Some looks from Celine, Chloe, Ferragamo and YSL also took my breath away.


Salvatore Ferregamo

Stella McCartney


Here is some of the other favourites and looks for the evening ...

Salvatore Ferragamo


Narciso Rodriguez

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