Heading South-East to Kahramanmaraş

We headed south-east of Turkey a couple of weeks ago.
First to Adana, for a friends’ wedding then to Kahramanmaras for a day.
Unfortunately for us, and our taste buds it was a very short trip.

To add insult to injury, the battery of our cameras had run out. (Apologies about the quality of pics taken from a Blackberry!)

Kahramanmaras is home to Mado, one of the leading ice cream chains in Turkey.
Their ice cream differentiates itself for use of “salep”-a type of orchid- grown in the hills just behind the city. Salep gives ice cream its elastic qualities...also, did you know that you can actually eat this ice cream with knife & fork?
Topped by a handful of pistachios, they are a delight.

On the way heading into Kahramanmaraş there is the Mado house... there you can have the traditional maras food... including Mumbar (Stuffed intestines – sounds yummuy huh ? ), Stuffed aubergines-dolma, İçli kotfe (Meatballs surrounded by bulgur, steam-cooked) and manti (Turkish ravioli, served with goat milk and safrane).

The special element in these foods is the use of spice called “Sumac”.This plum coloured spice gives meat and herb based foods a taste of sweet sourness that is very difficult to explain.

Finally, we had the opportunity to visit the kitchens of this regional franchise, where they produce the likes of baklava of many kinds, pistachio marzipan, cakes and cookies. Here is a round up of some examples...

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