The Royal Wedding: A Great day for British Fashion

I don't know about you but last Friday- on the day of the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William I was up at 9 am infront of the telly anxiously waiting for the ceremony to begin and of course to learn the designer of Kate's dress.

It turns out roughly 6 billion people like myself were waiting for this event as well.
Its a great number and a wonderful recognition for British designers and for their names to be heard around the world.
Catherine Walker, the designer for many of Princess Diana's dresses designed Carole Middletons morning coat and dress.
Repercussions of Philip Treacy hats were everywhere as below with Victoria Beckham.

And of course  the wedding dress for Kate Middleton: Sarah Langdon for Alexander McQueen . Grace Kellysque gown did wonders to represent the modern fairy tale between the couple. 

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