London is second home. So, this piece will be different than the other “places” articles that I hope to write in the days ahead. (Watch this space...) What I understand of London is quite different to most, but I will keep atuned and write of the more conventional and the hip stuff.


This suburb located in the North, is home to the most elegant, understated but neo-classic neighbourhood. Kenwood Gardens is huge a park that one may remember from the film shooting scene of Notting Hill. It is great for a picnic and a day out. Walking out of Kenwood, you can pop into Spaniard’s Inn. This pub is is one of the toll gates to London City- I was told as a child. Spaniards Inn or any other pub is great for a pint, but a Sunday Roast- the typical Sunday tradition is a must.

Notting Hill

Moving swiftly towards the city centre Notting Hill once a subtle, local neighbourhood that livened up with the Portobello market has today become a landmark in its own right. For those of you who are devotees of the Magnolia Bakery, Hummingbird Bakery (http://hummingbirdbakery.com) is London’s response. Vanilla icing and the mudcakes are a delight.

The City Centre

Though I have always loved the clean-cut, creamy,pillar based architecture that surround the city centre, I am not its most devoted fan. There are, however, one or two places that stand out and must be visited.


Toto: Located in a mews and underground, this restaurant is my dads favourite. He knows good food. Hence the five star rating for the best İtalian in London.

Gaucho: For the one who likes a good Argentinian steak+red wine.

Eclipse : For the best Watermelon Martini in town ( well it was when I was a student)

Coccoon : If you want to run into Kate Moss while you’re having a drink after work ...

Freud: Located underground in Covent Garden , try “Aztec”...

Sketch : Salvador Dali meets Alice in Wonderland, this restaurant/bar that also has a patisserie during daytime deserves a visit for its wild interiors... (http://www.sketch.uk.com/)

Reiss: Let me explain it in its most simple form. If I haven’t visited this shop, even if it is to just check out their current collection, I do not leave London.

LK Bennett: A girls answer to most quality, chic, timeless shoes.

Galleries and Art Museums

Must sees...

Serpentine Gallery – located in the middle of Kensington Gardens , a hidden gem.

Tate Modern- must see view of London from the cafeteria.

The National Gallery- a great collection and a landmark building at Trafalgar Square, next door to National Portrait Gallery.

The Wallace Collection – Home to one of Europe's finest Baroque and classics art/sculpture collection.

For those who are actuallt intrested in modern art and collect art our suggestions (Thank you Selen!) are Whitechapel Gallery, Gagosian, The White Cube(@Old Street), Saatchi Gallery (@Chelsea).

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  1. I would like to also add Covent Garden neighbourhood to must sees of London! So central but has its own style and feature...You can feel like in one of the small squares of Italy while looking around at Covent Garden square. Don't forget to have a toss in one of the old pubs of Covent Garden before going to see one of the best musicals of the world...

    keep us updated about amazing parts of the world and elegance Aydan :)